The Art of Communications

With over 20 years’ experience of turning the craft and tradition of Ireland’s favourite cider into the Magners International brand, our industry experience has allowed us to develop a new offering and way of working.

At PROjekt we offer clients dedication, passion, transparency and the collaboration you need to continue turning your craft into art with strategic, cost efficient brand communication solutions.

PROjekt can help to further your brand with the development of a mutually beneficial partnership that can be rewarding to both parties.

At PROjekt we put collaboration, strategic and creative thinking at the heart of every project. No project is ever to small to deserve excellence in execution when like-minded people come together for the purpose of common goals. And it doesn’t have to be seriously serious – it can be fun too!

PROjekt’s business model is designed around the ability and capacity to work on one-off, small jobs alongside major, ongoing projects. No job is too small to deserve excellence from start to finish.

Our mission is to ensure that brands harness strong, relevant creative work, applied consistently and placed effectively. The teams we assemble and lead have experience across the full spectrum of brands, clients’ business and creative application. Meeting brand challenges is what we do.

We are continually seeking and following emerging trends, which we use to the benefit of our clients and their brands.

We are committed to three things: Professionalism, Effectiveness and Enjoying our work, regardless of the size of the task.

We know that, even on a small new business project, our input can make all the difference, so we give the same attention to detail, from a local product launch to an international, multi-media campaign.